Texas snow and blackouts are a preview for all of us

A newsmaker interview with former US Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona plus the “once in a generation” storm impacting Texas and much of the nation. We talk with University of Arizona Climate Scientist Dr. Zack Guido.

Hispanic Households Most Impacted by COVID-19 Job Disruptions, Food Insecurity in Arizona

According to survey data, 59% of Hispanic households in Arizona reported job disruptions in the first four months of the pandemic, compared to 22% of non-Hispanic white households.

'Science Moms' work to educate children on impact of climate change

Climate scientists have been telling us for decades that Earth is warming and that’s impacting everything from air quality and extreme weather to our water supply and food production.

The fight for an equitable energy economy for the Navajo Nation

On a chilly December morning in northern Arizona, near the town of Page, Nicole Horseherder stood beside a barbed-wire fence, waiting for the smokestacks of the Navajo Generating Station to fall. The coal-fired power plant, just a mile away, towered against the backdrop of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and a cloudless blue sky.

New Campaign Empowers Moms with Climate Change Science

A group of climate scientists who are mothers are using their scientific and maternal experiences to help demystify climate change and bring scientific facts into homes across the country.