Climate change is impacting weather patterns across the West, study reveals

Droughts are lasting longer and rainfall is becoming more erratic across the Western hemisphere, according to a new study published by the US Department of Agriculture. 

Local First Arizona’s SCALE UP Program Launches Dynamic New Sustainability Project

The mission of Local First Arizona (LFA) is to build equitable systems for Arizona’s local businesses and communities that create a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable Arizona economy by strengthening, supporting and celebrating entrepreneurship, rural and urban community development, racial equity, environmental action and food access. 

How the oceans play a part in Earth’s changing climate

Researchers are discovering more about the world’s oceans and their impact on temperature and water availability.

Letter: An open letter from youth activists of the University of Arizona Chapter of Defenders of Wildlife

We are in the midst of a global pandemic caused by the loss of global biodiversity. An estimated 70% of emerging diseases are zoonotic, meaning that they are a product of increased interactions between humans and wildlife, a direct impact of biodiversity loss.

How microbes in permafrost could trigger a massive carbon bomb

Genomics studies are helping to reveal how bacteria and archaea influence one of Earth’s largest carbon stores as it begins to thaw.