Trees remember everything—even the fall of the roman empire

The timeline of the failure of the Roman state is fairly well established and accepted, thanks to the Romans' love of writing. The circumstances contributing to its disintegration, however, have long been debated among historians and archaeologists. There is no consensus about the relative role of internal failures, such as escalating corruption and civil war, versus external factors, such as the barbarian invasions and pandemics.

Climate change could reawaken Indian Ocean El Nino

Global warming is approaching a tipping point that during this century could reawaken an ancient climate pattern similar to El Niño in the Indian Ocean, new research led by scientists from The University of Texas at Austin has found.

red rock texture image

AIR Celebrates Diana Liverman’s Election to National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Regents Professor and Director of the School of Geography & Development Diana Liverman joins the ranks of America’s most accomplished scholars, scientists, artists and leaders for her contributions on the human dimensions of global change.

UArizona Experts Predict a Very Active Hurricane Season

University of Arizona hurricane forecasters are predicting an above-average Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through Nov. 30.

As temperatures rise, Arizona sinks

Climate change and unregulated wells are depleting the West’s groundwater reserves.

Forecasters predict a very active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Warmer ocean temperatures in the tropical Atlantic could fuel stronger storms.