Some tropical forests show surprising resilience as temperatures rise

Scientists are finding that some percentage of tropical forests may hold up under global warming—if they’re not cut down.

Learn about invasive grasses in webinar

Invasive Yellow Bluestem grass is becoming a problem for Arizona wildlife and livestock, as well native vegetation.

The U.S. border wall is tearing through wilderness, right under our noses

In Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona, you can find more than 30 species of cactus, including the saguaro, desert giants that tower over the landscape and live for centuries. Desert specialists like endangered Sonoran pronghorn and Sonoyta mud turtles thrive there on just a few inches of rain per year.

Mount Graham red squirrel population grows after a wildfire devastated critical habitat

The population of Mount Graham red squirrels in Arizona has reached triple digits for the first time since a wildfire pushed the subspecies close to extinction three years ago, state wildlife officials said Monday.

Homes complicate Arizona wildfire response

Development in Arizona's wildlands is making fires more expensive, and in some cases, more difficult to prevent.