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Global climate change, the increasing global population and recent changes in environmental policy are putting Arizona's natural resources in extreme jeopardy, according to Stuart Marsh, associate director and professor in the UA School of Natural Resources and the Environment.

Research from the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health in Canada is warning that a byproduct of desalination plants – super-salty, potentially toxic brine – is being produced in large quantities and that it could pose serious environmental threats. While the majority of plants worldwide are located in the Middle East and North Africa, many communities in the U.S. are looking into or planning their own desalination plants, said Margaret Wilder, a geographer and ecologist at the UA.

A study led by UA analysts George Frisvold, Ashley Kerna Bickel and Dari Duval found that agriculture contributes $2.3 billion to Pinal County details the ongoing negotiations between the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association and Pinal County farmers.


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