Environmental Literature

Harold Fromm

University Associate, Department of English
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Affiliate Faculty, Institute of the Environment
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
(520) 818-1660
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Harold Fromm's environmental interests spring from a combination of the humanities and personal experience. He started writing on air pollution in the early 1970s as a professor in English departments. He chaired a session in the greening of literary studies at the Modern Language Association conference of 1991, an event that gradually morphed into the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) and its journal ISLE (Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment). By the mid 1990s he had co-edited (with Cheryll Glotfelty) the now canonical Ecocriticism Reader: Landmarks in Literary Ecology. After that, he connected with a group often referred to as the literary Darwinians, which moved him faster and faster in evolutionary and consciousness studies. In 2009, Johns Hopkins UP published his book, The Nature of Being Human: From Environmentalism to Consciousness. He has been a regular at the Hudson Review and a sporadic contributor to many other journals, including SCIENCE magazine, where he has reviewed books with a humanist-scientific bent.