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The Science City executive committee was chosen to receive the 2017 UA Team Award for Excellence. Lisa Romero of the BIO5 Institute recounts the process of building a cross-campus team to plan Science City. 

The Gallagher Theater hosted the finalists of the Student Union Rooftop Garden Competition on Thursday, April 20, as teams presented their final presentations. Students from agricultural sciences, engineering, business and design all brought their perspectives and expertise to the planning of the Student Union Memorial Center (SUMC) rooftop garden.

The UA Museum of Art is back with its 3-hour semesterly Family Day event Saturday, April 29, with the theme of "Family Day - Arts and Science."

By developing new ways to use radiocarbon in tree rings, UA dendrochronologist Charlotte Pearson builds on the legacies of scientists before her, including the famed polymath Andrew Douglass.


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