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The 2017 monsoon started a bit later than average but more than made up that with numerous storms throughout much of July and early August. Tucson recorded its wettest July on record and second-wettest month on record, and it and many other stations across the region have already surpassed their normal cumulative values, with some even exceeding their seasonal (June 15 – Sept. 30) average.

Paleo detective work is at the core of an emerging field called conservation paleobiology. Its researchers hope to stem the loss of species and ecosystems in a rapidly changing world.

It’s said that all water on the earth is recycled water. Other breweries have found ways to harness treated wastewater and the state of Arizona is showcasing that with the "AZ Pure Water Brew Truck." It’s a part of the state’s “Water Innovation Challenge,” which is to increase public awareness about water quality and the potential for potable reuse in augmenting local water supplies.

Valerie Trouet, an associate professor in the tree-ring lab at the University of Arizona in Tucson, said the West is facing a "perfect storm for extreme fire." Trouet is investigating changing jet stream patterns to see how they may be related to wildfire patterns, particularly in southern Europe, which has been ablaze this summer, with deadly consequences.