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Valerie Trouet, an associate professor in the tree-ring lab at the University of Arizona in Tucson, said the West is facing a "perfect storm for extreme fire." Trouet is investigating changing jet stream patterns to see how they may be related to wildfire patterns, particularly in southern Europe, which has been ablaze this summer, with deadly consequences.


Concerned about pollutants in your rainwater collection barrel? Dewey-Humboldt is one of three sites across Arizona that will participate in Project Harvest through the University of Arizona, College of Soil, Water and Environmental Science. The other two also are mining communities: Hayden-Winkelman and Globe/Miami.

What do sulfur and urine have in common? Scientists and designers have uncovered new ways to transform the two smelly substances into smart solutions to tackle pressing environmental problems.

According to new research by scientists at the University of Arizona (UA), “yellow chemistry” could hold the key to reducing environmental impacts and providing an inexpensive — and sustainable — alternative to traditional plastics.

As the number of droughts increases globally, scientists are working to develop predictions of how future parched conditions will affect plants, especially trees.