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After a slow start in June and a record-wet July, precipitation in much of the Southwest has been mostly absent since early August. The high-pressure ridge that helped hold Hurricane Harvey in place over Houston kept moisture from circulating into the Southwest. This year, the late-season monsoon has been particularly dry, with very few storms and limited tropical storm activity that might otherwise help boost seasonal totals

As the world’s population nears 8 billion, a $30 million endowment from Edward P. Bass will enable Biosphere 2 to address some of the century’s most critical questions in food, water and energy security.

Vastly different approaches to city planning for long-term flood control resulted in differing outcomes for two of the cities hardest hit by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. A UA professor of planning and real estate development talks about what helped, and hindered, Houston and Jacksonville.

Thomas Galarneau, assistant professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Arizona, finds that the previously unrecognized Chiricahua Gap, a 150-mile break between mountain ranges, is a vital conduit for wet monsoon storms moving from the Gulf of Mexico into Arizona.


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