Recent News

How can animals that feed mostly on sugar embark on migrations spanning continents? What looked like flawed scientific data led to an unexpected discovery, thanks to the tenacity of a group of biologists in the UA's Department of Entomology.

Nine UA staff members attended Second Nature's Presidential Climate Leadership Summit at Arizona State University last week and came back with big ideas about cutting carbon emissions at the UA. Ben Champion, director of UA's Office of Sustainability, says "This is a huge challenge with many moving pieces. We need everyone in the community working together to find the right mix of solutions that work for us.”

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is planning to lift a prohibition from 2001 that prevents recycled wastewater from going in the tap. While people may be hesitant to the idea, associate professor and water quality specialist Channah Rock says educating people that recycled water is OK to drink can help overcome common misunderstandings about it's safety. 

The UA is part of an international study showing that carbon dioxide stored by ecosystems could be more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought.